Cartek - Digital Gear w/ Sequential Shift Light

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The Digital Gear Indicator from CARTEK indicates to the driver which gear they have selected.This fully integrated device is designed to be mounted onto the dashboard and requires connection to a RPM/tacho signal and a road-speed signal (Km/h).This device will work with all gearbox types including sequential and H pattern and is suitable for cars, bikes and karts.

• Fully integrated unit
• Easy to install and setup
• Requires RPM and Km/h signals, does not use gearbox position sensor.

How it Works
The CARTEK Digital Gear Indicator displays the selected gear by performing a comparison of the engine speed and the road speed. Gears from 1 - 7 can be displayed and it also incorporates a programmable 5 LED sequential shift light. The colour of the back lighting can also be selected.

The sequential shift light elementis set by raising the revs to the desired engine speeds for the start and end of the 5 LED sequence. The Gear Indicator will store thesesettings and calculate the intermediate values.

The Gear Position is set up by driving the car for a brief period of time in each gear so that it learns and stores the ratios between engine speed and road speed. Once the setup is complete the Gear Indicator will instantly display the gear immediately after each gear change.

Technical Specifications

Size: 50x40x21mm
Weight: 259g
Construction: Plastic Enclosure – water resistant (IP42 protection)
Display: 37mm LCD Display with choice of backlight colours
Mounting: Mount on base with adhesive or Velcro.
Electrical: Powered by Ignition switched 12v supply
Part Number: CK-LG-06