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Broken Motorsports - Subaru GR Roll Cage Kit


First, pick your cage style. What type of racing do you plan on doing? For half cage/Roll bar kits, please contact us with your specific requirements.  

Second, pick your style door bar. Most racing allows for these three styles of door bar, but many of our customers have a preference of not only how their cage performs but also how it looks. 

Third, pick your roof bar style. Again, most racing allows these three styles of roof bar, but not everyone does.

Other additions to our roll cage kits include front strut tower tie-in, strut tower plating front and rear, and seat rail kits. Variants and custom options are also available upon request.  Please contact us with your specific needs.

All of our cage kits are using DOM material made from steel mills here in the USA! Every kit has been measured precisely, directly from the chassis, yielding amazing results. Our digitally bent and laser notched cages make our kits consistent and are 90% ready to install! 

We are looking for willing racers to help us develop new chassis. If you do not see the chassis kit desired, please contact us for more information and a special offer