Fire Extinguisher Mount - Attaches to BK-9030 Anti-Submarine Bar

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Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount for the "Factory Non Power GT3 Seat" bolts to the BK-9030 anti submarine bar.
The anti submarine bar bolts to the seat track hardware which then allows the FEM30-BK fire extinguisher mount to bolt on to the bar.
You will need to use both the BK-9030 anti submarine bar and the FEM30-BK fire extinguisher mount to install a fire extinguisher to your GT3 non power seats.
Brey Krause fire extinguisher mount is made to hold a 2.5 lb. Fire Extinguisher.
The mount is made from stainless steel and has a satin stainless finish.

The FEM30-BK fits Boxster,996 GT3 factory non power seats.
We also sell the Amerex 2.5lb. or AFFF 1.0 liter Fire Extinguishers.