Bilstein - B14 PSS Suspension - Front & Rear

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Driving dynamics meet individual settings. The threaded Body coilover Suspension kit for everyone who really wants to feel the street.

Coilover suspension kit with motorsports genes

The BILSTEIN B14 kit is road-tested under extreme motorsport conditions. This kit allows you to lower your vehicle approximately 30mm to 50mm, front and back, providing maximum flexibility and pure individuality.

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47-228337 Subaru BRZ 2016-2018

Fitting Position: Front Axle,  Axle load to: 876 kg,  Lowering ca.: 10-30 mm, 

Fitting Position: Rear Axle,  Axle load to: 943 kg,  Lowering ca.: 10-30 mm


Subaru Impreza Sedan/Coupe/Wagon (GD, GG) 2002-2007

Fitting Position: Front Axle,  Lowering ca.: 20-40 mm, 

Fitting Position: Rear Axle,  Lowering ca.: 30-40 mm



Nissan 350Z Coupe 2002-2009

 Fitting Position: Front Axle,  Axle load to: 975 kg,  Lowering ca.: 35-45 mm, 

Fitting Position: Rear Axle,  Axle load to: 975 kg,  Lowering ca.: 35-45 mm