BBS 3-Piece Racing Wheels - E87


BBS 3-Piece Racing Wheels - E87BBS 3-Piece Racing Wheels - E87

Quality Made In Germany since 1970

BBS Motorsport three piece wheels encompass diameters of 13" and 15"-19" in modular configurations using cast mag or forged aluminum centers combined with rim halves available in 1/2" increments. By combining the appropriate part number center with commonly stocked rim halves virtually any combination can be accommodated. All use the BBS gasket system for immediate use and field repair.

Wheel Technology:

Track Use ONLY

BBS E87 3 Piece Wheel is made out of a forged aluminum center with backmilled spokes. The rim sections are heat treated.

Available in both 5-Lug version and center lock application.

Available finishes : Wheel centers are avaiable in Gold, Silver, Polished or Gloss Black.

Polished outer rim.

Individually hand built on order.