Amerex - Handheld Extinguisher - Halon 2.5lb in Red finish

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Amerex - Handheld Extinguisher - Halon 2.5lb in Red finish

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Halon 1211 Halon gases are halogenated hydrocarbons used to extinguish fires in areas where water or dry chemical agents are inappropriate such as computer and equipment rooms. Halon is extremely stable, non-corrosive and does not react with water, making it a good material for fire suppression. Fire extinguishing agents are numbered to identify the ratio of carbon, fluorine, chlorine, and bromine atoms; for example, Halon 1211 has a ratio of 1:2:1:1 for these elements



How Halon works. The process of combustion is the chemical reaction of oxygen, fuel and heat. Water extinguishes fire by cooling. CO2 extinguishes fire by smothering, which removes oxygen. Halon cools and smothers a fire, but in addition, it chemically interferes with the combustion process by breaking up its complex chemical reaction. This added chemical interference is the reason Halon works so quickly and effectively on fires.



No Mess. Halon is a “clean agent”. Halon is clean because the chemical evaporates completely. There is no residue to cause agent damage. No clean up is required except for the damaged actually caused by the fire itself. Halon is safe for protection of high-value equipment.



Light Weight Hardware. Normal operating pressure in Halon charged portables is 100-195 psi. This low pressure allows units to be made of mild steel or aluminum. The lighter weight makes the units easier to handle in a fire emergency. For example, an equivalently rated CO2 unit weighs 4 times as much as a Halon unit.



Halon has a very high Ozone Depletion Potential and has been banned from production. All current Halon sales are from reclaimed product.