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Broken Motorsports - Universal Seat Rail Kit

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Broken Motorsports - Universal Seat Rail Kit

Introducing Broken Motorsports new Universal Seat Rail Kit. This new kit is designed to make your life easier and save money by providing everything you need to properly install your racing seat in any vehicle.

Our seat rail kit follows FIA rulings as per article 253 appendix J.

The kit includes everything you need to install one(1) seat.

What's included: 

2x - 18" 1" square tubing mild steel, 1/8" thick

4x - M8x1.25 1.25"LG Threaded inserts

4x - M8x1.25 x 20mm bolts

8x - M8x1.25 socket head cap screw Class 12.9 steel (surpass FIA requirements)

4x - Water jet cut nut plates - mild steel 1/8" thick

4x - Water jet cut mounting plates - mild steel 1/8" thick

12x - M8 Flat washers